An Excerpt from Claire's Journal:

 V. eventful day:
-Cleaned my House, living room floor is so clean you could eat off of it. (Thanks Hurley!)
-Colored coloring books with Aaron, stress relief
-Burned dinner, then just made a salad. Aaron was displeased.
-Need to take cooking lessons from Juliet. 
-Got in a fight with Kate (this seems to happen a lot, wish it didn't.)
-Wish people would stop judging me and recognize I'm trying my best
-Charlie came back... still processing that one.
-Talked with Dan about physics and... my Day, need to bake him cookies or something. (Juliet's recipe? Hmmm)
-Nervous about Jacob tomorrow--today
-Can't sleep
-Will probably resort to more coloring

(no subject)

-I finally have Aaron back! 
-V. tired, new home is nice.
-Need to clean it though, it smells. 
-...and unpack.
-I bought some gifts for everyone, should probably hand those out soon. 
-Dan made us pancakes v. sweet. 
-They're throwing a WB party, should give gifts then.